About SwissPanoTour.com

Virtual and interactive panoramic tour through Swiss Alps and Switzerland Starting SwissPanoTour.com...

How does SwissPanoTour.com work?
SwissPanoTour allows you to jump by mouse click from one admission place to another. The admission places are marked by red and yellow points in the panoramic picture. You determine where your trip goes.

SwissPanoTour.com: Interaktive und virtuelle Reise durch die Schweiz

Yellow round points = the admission places which are visible from the topical location directly.
Yellow angular points = Link to external website.

Which areas can be explored?
At the moment, panoramic pictures from the following regions of Switzerland including the Swiss Alps:
- The Bernese Oberland and the Bernese Alps
- The Emmental
- The Innerschweiz
- The Jura
- The Ticino
- The Valais and the Valais Alps
- The Zentralschweiz

Which special demands my PC or Mac needs to fulfil the requirements of PanoTour?
SwissPanoTour requires Silverlight. Silverlight is a free Multimedia-Browser-Plugin from Microsoft which is already installed on many PCs and Macs. If on your computer Silverlight is not installed, you are asked at the start of PanoTour whether you want to install it or not.

Starting SwissPanoTour.com: Virtual and interactive tour through Swiss Alps and Switzerland

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